The "detox" diet

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The "detox" diet is the diet of the moment! The secret? Cleanse the body of toxins by selecting the right foods and balancing meals. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this diet? Answers Carolina Jolivot, nutritionist, and the testimony of Pierreline that followed this method.
The detox diet is the new trendy diet that promotes healthy and natural diet. Caroline Jolivot, nutritionist tells us more about this method.

  Caroline Jolivot: Detox Diet is a little curious term, it seems a bit aggressive. It is true that we must look at things in front and at the moment, especially in cities, there are reasons to be intoxicated. Addict inside the food, because there are still a lot of chemistry in food that is not organic. It can also be intoxicated by the atmosphere, there is a lot of pollution, it will be heavy metals, CO2, dioxin in some places. The chemistry of food, there are plenty, especially in France with pesticides on food. Addict, it can also be by some we took in some years, we took long ago medication. So the toxins will exist in our body, it is not so pleasant to consider. "Detox", it will be to remove the toxins which we are conscious, so the first scheme is to be aware that some, and we will do things to get them out to do a little spring cleaning .
The body has its own detoxification system but sometimes the bodies involved in this mechanism as the kidneys, intestines and lungs are exhausted when they are overstretched. The Detox Diet, by rebalancing the diet helps the body eliminate toxins. This new balance to return to a healthy weight when you have a few
extra pounds.

Caroline Jolivot: We will limit the chemistry so if you can eat organic food quality during these three weeks, it's still a delight. If you can eat raw things, we think of vegetables first. For fruit, we do not take things too acidic. Priorities: vintage, not too acidic, not too up in starchy foods should be easily digestible grain, I think more rice, quinoa, buckwheat winter, I think of things where there is a small slightly less than the so-called gluten. We will not go into too much wheat in the couscous to relieve his bowels. Olive oil as a priority, consider the omega 3. You know very well that the level of digestion in the cardiovascular, the brain, it is absolutely vital, it means canola oil, walnut oil.

  Add to this, drink drain a liter and a half to drink throughout the day, massage essential to achieve twice daily oils, and of course physical activity for good eliminate. Pierreline following this detox method and gives us his experience.
Pierreline: I am convinced that the body needs to be as detoxifying, free of toxins accumulated by stress related to work or daily life. I lost a little bit, I still lost 2.5 to 3 pounds. But mostly I lost inches off my waist, the hips, and even around the thighs. It has helped to refine the silhouette, have a little more shapely figure, for that I am very happy. I feel better in general.
So, good or bad diet? Here is what our expert thinks.
Dr. Cohen: All journalists are looking for what is the plan that will be in fashion this year.

  This year, the detox riding the healthy, organic, all natural. We will use foods that have symbolic incarnation white foods, it means dairy products, white fish because they are pristine. Since we are in purity, we will use the Zen side, aseptic side. Take white rice, soybeans, put some tofu, in fact I'm quite surprised that there is no tofu, and then surf on the French program that is to say, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, preferably boiled with steam. Moreover, even boiled, I do not know if it is boiled detox, it is better that it is steam. Do not take full of pesticides, taking the risk that there are some parasites inside and produce a kind of hodgepodge, which will allow people to have a psychological grip, it's called the methods of psychological conditioning. These are systems that are designed to reassure people, as if you come back in a room where there are incense gurus who talk kindly and gently, and when you ressortiriez, you have the feeling of having tried the Experience.

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