Strict diet for rapid weight loss

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The Scarsdale diet is a good way to lose weight quickly and look impeccable line. Be careful not to abuse it!
It may be necessary to boost a diet to quickly lose a few extra pounds. Generally it is advised not to try to lose weight too fast because the lost weight in a short time tend to return to the speed of light.
The Scarsdale diet has the advantage of being effective both in terms of weight loss than at the speed with which it can lose weight. It is based on a series of menus to follow to the letter, without fail.
This strict diet must be followed for fourteen days. The extension would be dangerous to health, bringing a lot of unnecessary and harmful deficiencies. The Scarsdale diet can be considered a starter for weight loss. It allows you to pick the first extra pounds. However, extend beyond fourteen days would only interfere with the proper balance of the body and have a negative impact on brain function.
In essence, this draconian regime will allow the vegetables, such as spinach, celery, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and strongly recommends the use of herbs and spices and mustard oil (not fried), the onion and garlic. Fish and meat are allowed provided they are low in fat. Sugar, starch, dairy, deli, bakery and other fruit juices should be avoided. Of course alcohol is strictly forbidden. In the case of munchies, you can crack a raw vegetable.
After two weeks of Scarsdale diet, careful not to unleash his diet under penalty of recovery ultra-fast and consistent weight! To see a nutritionist. Finally, it is worth remembering that the Scarsdale diet is absolutely forbidden for pregnant women, children and adolescents.

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