Our tips for a flat stomach

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If the exercises for abdominal weight are essential to losing belly fat, they often are not enough. You also need to watch your diet and adopt good practices in everyday life. Here are some tips that should help you find the perfect belly.

Everyday actions

  • Watch your posture: make the experience before the mirror, stand up straight for a moment, then round the shoulders to put you in an arched position. The effects on your stomach are obvious: more you stand right over your belly muscles are stressed and toned.
  • Move it: out walking the dog, go buy bread walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator. These simple steps will allow you to activate your metabolism, you burn calories and tone your body.
  • Get active: some sports are particularly recommended when you want to lose belly fat include jumping rope, jogging, swimming or cycling. When you work your muscles, the body will draw its energy from sugar stored in the body and the fat begins to melt.
  • Practice abdominal breathing: There are two types of breathing: thoracic and abdominal. Inhale through your nose through the abdomen and exhale deeply through the mouth. The upper body does not move and the abdomen swells and deflates slowly. When you adopt this type of breathing, you improve the oxygenation of your cells and you increase the discharge of waste gases.
                                     How to eat optimally

  • Drink plenty of water, six to eight glasses of water a day, it helps eliminate fat and toxins.
  • Eat spicy: it stimulates the metabolism, so the digestion and assimilation of food.
  • Split your meals: instead of three large meals a day, have for example three smaller meals with a snack mid morning and mid afternoon. But do not nibble.
  • Eat slowly, take the time to chew food. The more you chew, the more the product of stomach acid and stomach that aid digestion. This prevents bloating.
  • Eat quietly: if meals you used to talk or laugh a lot, this will have the air and you are likely to be bloated.
  • Do not eat just before bedtime: nutritionists advise eating at least three hours before bedtime. If you take a meal just before going to sleep, you may raise the level of sugar in your blood sugar and it will turn into fat.

  • How do your exercises correctly
    • To get a flat stomach is essential the abdominal wall muscles by doing exercises, but still need to do it properly:
    • Use slow movements and mastered, it is not because you link records bust at great speed that will be more effective.
    • Do not arch yours: it might break your lower back.
    • Do not get too out of breath, especially during the first weeks of the year.
    • Try to gradually increase the number of repetitions for each exercise.
    • If you always repeat the same movements, muscles eventually adapt and exercises lose their effectiveness. Try different positions.
    • Vary the speed at which you perform the exercises, but never go too fast.
    • Always practice warm-ups before starting a series of exercises.
    • Try to work all parts of the abdominal wall
    In conclusion:
    Slim belly is not an easy task, it is a combination of different practices that you will come to a result by practicing a sport, controlling how you feed and performing targeted exercises.

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