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The relationship we have with food are complex, they appeal to all our many psychological factors bodily needs. If we want to achieve weight loss you must learn to tame your appetite and to know what we can allow and what should be avoided. It should also get rid of ideas that we can have on food and that may be the source of inadequate eating habits. Here are some tips to help you see more clearly.

  Three misconceptions about food
It should have three meals a day: in fact there is no evidence that there is a relationship between the number of daily meals and weight. It is therefore unnecessary to impose a specific number of meals, the key is to eat when you're hungry and really do not exceed the calories you need.
You have to eat in the morning, then again, it was not demonstrated that to breakfast or not had an impact on weight. An argument in favor of breakfast is that you will have all day to eliminate the calories it brought to you. But if you're not hungry in the morning, nothing is forcing you.
Do not skip meals: there is nothing dramatic to skip a meal, if you're not hungry. If for example you had a late and hearty breakfast, and you're not hungry for lunch, nothing prevents you from simply an apple, it will have no effect. In contrast, if you skip a meal when you're hungry, because you feel like you have eaten too much the previous meal, you put your body into craving and it will store more fat during the next meal. In this case, skipping a meal is likely to make you fat.
Harnessing his appetite

Greed is a bad thing, we are told, it is even a cardinal sin. But do not sink into a restrictive attitude that will bring us no good. Trying to lose weight does not necessarily mean giving up all the pleasures of the table, but learn to enjoy it wisely.
Emphasize quality over quantity: this is the motto that you should keep in mind at all times. If you have the habit of compulsive eating biscuits, it will give it up, instead treat yourself from time to time an excellent baking quality. Better to eat little and good, both in taste as nutritious way.
Eat slowly, put your fork down between bites, and take time to chew. On the one hand it allows you to be fully aware of what you eat and enjoy the taste of food. In addition, the fact to chew will cause a satiety signal, you will feel satiated faster and therefore eat less.
Make each meal a special moment: the fact is that often we eat without really being aware of what we do, we just swallow food without really thinking. We forget how the act of eating is essential, it is important to reconnect with this essential act granting the meal the importance it deserves in our lives.
In conclusion:
We do not find the line just by changing our diet. It is our relationship with food that should be questioned, it requires an awareness of what the act of eating means to us. Thus lasting results can be obtained for the long term.

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