how to manage your calorie intake

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Why grossissons us? Mainly because we consume more calories than we really need. Often without realizing it, we eat too much, not necessarily in terms of quantity, but in terms of calories we need daily. To lose weight, it is essential to realize that, in many cases, our eating habits are not adapted to our needs.
How we accumulate calories

                   From the moment one is able to estimate the daily calorie requirement, we can draw a very simple conclusion: if I provide more calories than necessary for my body, I'm fat. This is why certain foods are to flee, because they will literally blow the calorie intake.
A typical menu of fast food such as hamburgers, fries, ice cream, soda will bring about 1,000 calories. An example: a 40 year old woman, moderately physically active and measuring 1.60 meters to 55 pounds will need an energy intake of 1700 calories per day. So if this woman (we'll prénommer Celine, for clarity) makes his lunch at fast food, it will have brought his body more than half of his daily caloric needs in one meal. Now imagine that Celine (which definitely does not pay attention to his line) took two croissants and two sugars added coffee at breakfast: you can still add 600 calories to their account, so the meals at fast-food It has already 1600 calories counter in the middle of the day.
Continue our example: following a meeting of rough work, Celine had a big blow stress, back to her desk, she pounces on a candy bar deserved, she thinks: 200 calories more . His workday ends, Celine will find a few friends to chat a bit, it allows a martini glass, no more, with a handful of peanuts: 700 calories. You follow? Celine has already provided 2,500 calories to his body: it has far exceeded its daily energy intake even before taking the evening meal. Now imagine that our friends decided to continue the evening from dinner in a small restaurant, Celine, which is still attention to his line, takes no input, it is merely a piece of quiche lorraine, followed a chocolate cake: 900 calories.
Total for the day: 3400 calories, Celine consumed twice a day calories than what she really needs.
How to reduce your intake of calories
                   Find Celine after a sudden awareness and a few extra pounds, she decided to take his power hand. This morning at breakfast, she took three slices of bread spread with a thin layer of jam, an orange and put a sugar in his coffee, a intake of 400 calories. On his way to work, she went down one stop before her usual stop and walked fifteen minutes: she spent 50 calories. For his lunch, she ate a cucumber salad, a plate of pasta added a tablespoon of olive oil soup, dessert she just a yogurt and an apple while drinking water: 600 calories. In the afternoon, it fills the usual munchies munching a handful of dried apricots: 200 calories. In the evening, she finds her friends as usual, but instead of going for a drink, they will play a game of badminton: 250 calories. After stress comfort, they will eat at the restaurant. Celine offers a salmon fillet in foil along with a leek fondue, a slice of bread and even allows a chocolate mousse for dessert: 800 calories.
Total for the day: 2000 calories 300 calories or less 1700 calories, that is to say neither more nor less than what Celine needed for its day.

                       The numbers that we give in this example are assessments which may vary depending on the amount of food eaten, but they are quite realistic. They allow to understand how caloric intake can vary depending on the foods one chooses. This is an awareness essential when you want to lose weight.

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