5 great virtues of apples

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 In addition to being the perfect snack, apple contains nutrients essential to the proper functioning of your body. Discover the great virtues of this juicy and sweet fruit!

Apple slows down premature aging.

Anthocyanins, natural pigments antioxidant, may help protect against carcinogens, lower LDL cholesterol and prevent blood clots. Glutathione could exert anticancer activity and increase the body's defenses against infection.
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Apple cleans your teeth.

While the Apple can replace the toothbrush, but it promotes oral hygiene are biting and chewing stimulates gums. In addition, it increases the production of saliva, which has the effect of reducing the microbial population of the mouth and, therefore, reduce the risk of decay.

Apple can help fight cancer.

Apple is composed of caffeic, chlorogenic, ferulic and ellagic, as well as its other phenolic compounds. These can prevent and fight various cancers.

Apple lowers your cholesterol.

The apple contains pectin soluble fiber that reduces the damaging effects of LDL cholesterol. Thanks to its high pectin as applesauce fight diarrhea. (A unpeeled apple provides almost 4 grams of fiber, nearly half in the form of pectin.)

Apple prevents cataracts.

Quercetin, a flavonoid, which is believed to reduce the risk of cancer, may also help prevent cataracts.

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