14 tips for changing your diet

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The food is obviously a major concern when you want to lose weight. It should, however, be careful, not to enter into a logic too restrictive, you may get discouraged quickly. Rather than draw a line on certain foods, it is interesting to find substitutes. It will be possible to obtain good results in terms of caloric economy without completely disrupting your eating habits.

                                          Change everything without changing any

  • 1. Replace whole milk with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk  or soy milk, with much less fat.
  • 2. Nothing prevents you from eating sandwiches, but replace mayonnaise with mustard, you will gain a hundred calories.
  • 3. Opt for fruit juice 100% natural. Fruit juice nectar based are too high in sugar.
  • 4. Fast food restaurants are run, however if you find yourself accidentally in one of these dens of iniquity, opt for a fish burger, much fewer calories than burgers beef.
  • 5. If you can not do without sodas, at least opt for the "diet" or sugar-free versions. Ideally replace them with iced tea or fresh fruit juice.
  • 6. If you're really struggling to prevent you from snacking, eat a handful of almonds or walnuts instead of biscuits. You will be quickly satisfied and, moreover, they are rich in omega-3.
  • 7. Replace white bread with whole grain bread, white bread, prepared from flour is rich in refined sugars while whole grains have a low glycemic index (sugar) and excellent nutritional qualities. Similarly, prefer brown rice to white rice.
  • 8. If you're struggling to do without cheese, opt for low-fat cheese or, for example, white cheese mixed with herbs.
  • 9. Cook your fish and steamed vegetables or foil to avoid using fat.
  • 10. When you make the dressing by replacing oil with lemon juice. Absolutely avoid dressing "all done" commercially prepared.
  • 11. Replace the sugar with honey, made in part of water, it is less rich in carbohydrates.
  • 12. The deli is strongly discouraged, but if you have trouble you go replace the sausage with thin slices of bacon and bacon with diced ham, they are less fat and fewer calories.
  • 13. Prefer vegetable oils to fats of animal origin. Olive oil or canola have a much better quality nutritious than butter. If you do not like it, go for margarine, less rich in fat than butter. In all cases, limit maximum utilization of fat.
  • 14. Reduce your intake of red meat (no more than twice a week), replace it with poultry, but do not eat the skin is very oily.

As you can see, in terms of food, nothing is irreplaceable! Obviously, if you are addicted to raw milk Camembert, substitute low-fat or camembert cheese will not go without frustration. Remember that you can occasionally allow you one way, and on this occasion eat one of your favorite foods, even if it deviates you dangerously close to the line that you are drawn to you. The key is to stay focused on your goal while being willing to accept some sacrifices.

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