10 secrets to speed up your metabolism

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You want to burn more fat and calories during your day? Here are my secrets to perk up your metabolism.

The secrets of a fast metabolism
As a teenager, I was obsessed with food and calories. I fed fat yogurt and carrot sticks, until a good friend (thanks!) advised me to consult a dietitian.
It explained that limit my diet as I did not going to help me lose weight. All you do is slow down your metabolism. She taught me how to respond to hunger  signals emitted by my body and feed me properly when I am feeling hungry, which means eating a variety of healthy foods and whole foods. The principles that I use successfully since that time to manage my weight.

Your metabolic rate decreases by 2% per decade after age 20. This does not mean that you must resign yourself to gain weight. Here are my 10 secrets to keeping your internal engine.

Do you like coffee or green tea

Your morning cup of coffee stimulates the body to consume calories for two hours. Green tea is also excellent for boosting metabolism, drink frequently accelerates weight loss.

Optimize your thyroid function
When a patient complains of gaining weight, I immediately checked the thyroid gland. If you find it more difficult to control your weight, ask your doctor to check this important gland of metabolism. And while you're at it, ask to check your diabetes rates.
get enough sleep

Less than seven hours of sleep, the night can affect the hormones that control metabolism. If you lack sleep, you turn carbohydrates less efficiently and you increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.
Take a lunch

A substantial breakfast can increase by 10% the rate of metabolism especially if you consume protein and fat sources such as eggs or Greek yogurt that contains more protein than traditional yogurt. A study published in 2010 in the International Journal of Obesity showed that breakfast is richer in fat helps the body to burn more carbohydrates and fat in the rest of the day.
Drink ice water
Water consumption slightly increases metabolism, especially when cold. The reason being that your body uses energy to heat.
Give it 1/5
Give it 2/5
Take three to four well-balanced meals

Remember the principle of eating less but more frequently day to boost metabolism, such as five to six small meals. In 2012, researchers at the University of Ottawa found that an equal number of calories, there is no difference in metabolism between frequent small meals and large meals less often. It is also best to avoid a big dinner if you're trying to lose weight opt for a hearty lunch. Your body enjoys a steady schedule of meals, take all your meals throughout the day to maximize the work of metabolism and lose weight.

Work up a sweat

Leaner your muscles are, the more calories you burn in a day. Take advantage of this principle by strengthening large muscle groups such as thighs and buttocks: make kicks, take the stairs at work or climb the hills on foot.
Eat more protein

A study published in 2012 in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people who consume more proteins have a higher metabolic rate at rest. Often women do not consume enough protein: Eat lean protein at every meal, such as fish, chicken or eggs and treat yourself to a protein-rich snack, like a handful of almonds.

The heat of chilies

Capsaicin that contain chili peppers stimulates the nervous system and improves metabolism after meals. The chili peppers added to dishes decrease appetite and you eat less. The capacity of chili to boost metabolism work better if you eat regularly, so find various ways to spice up your life!
eat enough

Specialists McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois agree with my first dietitian not eating enough can slow down nearly 30% how your metabolism. Instead of letting you starve, eat healthy foods and get regular exercise to lose weight. And anyway, this is a much more satisfactory strategy!

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